With the most robust ERA splitting application on the market, this tool allows you to separate and manage the routing of combined ERA files to the appropriate entity for proper posting. Original files are kept intact for reference and cataloging. With Q-Parse™, you can use one of our pre-defined library of splitting rules or build new ones to route every payment to its proper location.

This solution eliminates copying and cutting ERA files to ensure each group receives the proper payment data. This product can be used by anyone but is especially advantageous for health systems and organizations in the process of converting or installing new systems


Experience Q-Parse™ Efficiency
  • Automated

    Over 25 automated ways to split data.

  • Flexible

    User defined parsing criteria.

  • Secure

    HIPAA compliant over secure communication channels.

  • Integrated

    Parsed files are routed back to host system for auto-posting.

  • Efficient

    Save time and money and avoid cutting and pasting files.

  • Accurate

    Parsed and balanced back to the source.