The BankingQ™ suite is changing the way medical groups manage and reconcile their revenue. By automating the reconciliation of all healthcare payments received in the revenue cycle PHIcure virtually eliminates the manual processes and spreadsheets used today to balance payment data.

Our system agnostic approach allows integration with any bank and any practice management system for full transparency. Our BankingQ™ product suite provides the most comprehensive financial data picture in the healthcare industry, allowing you to understand payments in your organization and validate every dollar into the system. 


Converts paper EOBs and patient payments into electronic files for automated posting.

  • Access images and 835s anytime through our portal.
  • Eliminate posting paper payments by hand.
  • Connect directly to your bank lockbox.
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Automated routing of ERA files to the appropriate entity for posting.

  • ERA splitting.
  • Custom splitting rules ensure payment to proper location.
  • Consolidated billing support.
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Reconciles and balances bank deposits to your practice management or billing system.

  • Validate every dollar to deposited funds.
  • Expert financial visibility.
  • Decrease the risk of fraud.
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With the power of BankingQ™
  • Integration

    Connect practice management and billing systems to your bank.

  • Eliminate Paper

    Reduce use of paper and eliminate spreadsheets.

  • Analytics

    Review actionable data with payment analytics.

  • Connectivity

    3-way matching between practice management systems, banks and clearinghouses with Q-Balance™.

  • ERA

    Splitting Rules based ERA splitting with Q-Parse™.

  • Electronic Files

    E-conversion of paper EOBs into electronic files available with Q-Post™.