Q-Balance™ bridges the divide between banking systems and your practice management or billing solution. By automating manual processes, organizations can reconcile every payment in the system back to the bank deposits providing unmatched financial visibility to all levels of the organization and decreasing the risk of fraud. A complete reconciliation solution for all revenue within each financial institution.

Engineered to make financial reconciliation an automated process – our solution eliminates spreadsheets and the need to share information across multiple platforms. By automating the movement of data from your core systems (banks, practice management systems, and clearinghouses) all data is now housed in a single location and run across the rules database to balance down to the final dollar. With BankingQ™ the financial health of your practice will advance. 


Financial Insight to Elevate your Practice
  • Same Page. Same Goal.

    3 way matching between practice management systems, banks and clearinghouses.

  • One Place

    Reduce reliance on spreadsheets and managing data in multiple locations.

  • Robust Rules Engine

    Built-in and custom rules that balance down to the last dollar.

  • Automation

    Streamline movement between banks, practice management systems and clearinghouses.