Reliable insurance requests and results to ensure effective claim payments.
With PHIcure’s Payer connections we can provide eligibility enrollment requests to thousands of insurance companies.
Our eligibility menu includes both Real-Time and Batch, allowing you to plan your workflow with instant connectivity or pre-determined results that provide results you can rely on.
We return all Payer information available – EOB’s, co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and more -  giving you eligibility results that aid in your claims management processing. 


Eligibility Checks that Elevate Your Practice
  • Batch Eligibility Checks

    Conducted via automated processing & scheduled to run multiple times a day.

  • Real-Time Eligibility Checks

    Providers are able to submit real-time requests on an as needed basis.

  • Reduce Rejections

    Eligibility checks reduce claim rejections.

  • Secure

    HIPAA compliant data exchange.

  • Streamline

    Enhance claims processing workflow.

  • Support

    Tools that bolster revenue cycle management.